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The GP2-R - or the next level and the logical expansion of the Krämer Motorcycles portfolio. Like the strong "HKR EVO2" single, the two-cylinder model was developed and built exclusively for use on the racetrack. Comparable is the radical but still tuned motorcycle with a "Moto 2" GP bike. With 130 hp and 100 Nm of torque and a weight of only 140 kg, the GP2R stands for spectacular driving dynamics without overwhelming the driver. Ideal for the most intense enjoyment on the racetrack
- and for hunting lap times!



  • Engine: KTM inline two-cylinder, 890ccm, model year 2020

  • Power: 130 hp

  • Weight: 140 kg

  • Tacho AIM MXS 1.2 Race GPS dash logger

  • Front brake disc 2x 290mm fully floating

  • Rear brake disc 1x 230mm fully floating

  • Front brake caliper Brembo Stylema

  • Brake caliper rear Brembo 2 pistons

  • Brake valve Brembo RCS Corsa Corta 19mm

  • Rims Al forged rims Dymag UP7X 3.5 "x17" & 6 "x17"

  • Exhaust stainless steel racing exhaust with dB killer [103/105 dBA]

  • Triple tree CNC triple trees with offset adjustment 26 & 28 mm

  • GabelWP Apex Pro 7543 close cartridge

  • Shock absorber WP APEX PRO 7746 with pre-load adjuster

  • Chain 520 AFAM 3D Racing

  • Cladding material GRP with carbon / kevlar reinforcement

  • Front fender carbon with quick change system

  • Steering damper Hyper Pro RCS

  • Handlebar mute CNC handlebar stub with interchangeable tubes

  • Tank self-supporting rear made of XPE [16 liters]

  • Frame 25CrMo4 steel tubular steel

  • Adjustable steering head angle + - 1 degree in 0.5 degree steps

  • Circuit up & down shifter

  • Mappings Adjustable engine brake & throttle map

  • Air filter racing DNA

  • Titanium brake caliper screws front and rear

  • Frame crash pads

  • Fork fist crash pads

  • Brake lever protection

  • Oil screws screwed up

  • E-starter

KMC GP2-R right side
KMC GP2-R rear right
KMC GP2-R rear left
KMC GP2-R left side
KMC GP2-R front left
KMC GP2-R front right
GP2-R_right side.jpg